Tick, Tock, What’s the time Mr Wolf?

You may be here now because you’ve just read my post on the Pazzles Blog on how I created a clock for ‘Back to School’. If you haven’t come from the Pazzles blog, head over and read that too. 🙂

After creating the clock I thought it would be a nice touch for teaching the time to add another layer that could highlight the 15 minute increments on the clock.

Back to school clock

To create this background I created overlapping circles around the Zinnia bloom and then welded them together so it would cut in one piece for ease of placement. Once that layer was done I then print and cut four circles slightly smaller than the background with labels of o’clock, quarter and half past and quarter to.

Once assembled with a few paper blooms with rhinestone centres, the whole clock looks fabulous and is a lovely teaching tool.

You could take it even another step further by using an mdf base and a clock mechanism to make a real working clock. Your Pazzles InVue software can be used for far more than you think. If you have a scroll saw for example, your software can provide printable patterns for you to create.  I also use the software to create printables of all kinds. Let me know in the comments how you use your InVue software and your Pazzles in unique ways.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create and thank you for stopping by.

Happy Crafting!

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